Getting Ahead


It takes a leap of faith for you to enter therapy.  

You need to carefully chose your therapist, and make sure that they suit you.  Some of the larger counselling organizations have people who are not paid or still completing their counselling training, so check experience and make sure you have a good rapport.  At Integral Therapy, Carolyn Clark is our Relationship Therapist, and Psychosexual Therapist, with over thirty years in the field, so you benefit from her experience.  

Once you have established a good trust in your therapist you can then open up to share some of your inner pain, worries, conflicts and blocks, if that is what you need.  If you have a simple goal to achieve, a simple session of hypnosis may be much more effective than procrastinating.  The tools we have at Integral Counselling are much more comprehensive than other more restricted venues:

Understanding your childhood & healing the past 

Understanding your relationships & communication style

Using hypnofix also offers specialized therapies for weight-loss detox which involve

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