About your Money Karma

Piles of cash

Have you wondered if you were jinxed when it comes to earning money?  Take a journey to a past life to change your karma and your blocks.  

When Pete came to see Carolyn, he was somewhat resentful of other people who had made good career progress, and were earning money.  He wasn't sure why he had not managed to be as successful as his friends, but shrugged it off with casual remarks.  After journeying to a time where he was a financial investor in Paris during the 1950s he discovered a life of great wealth, but a life where others had come close to him because he was wealthy, and he died lonely with only his two dogs as his real friends.  In this life, he has many good friends, and realized that he could now go ahead to be a financial success again, as he would not end up lonely again.  Today he is happily married, with a thriving business, and three loving children who love an appreciate him for himself, not just his money.

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