Slimming for sports or health

Use your subconscious to work for you.  This six session programme will help you reduce excess fat and change the psychological and emotional blocks to your success.  Your subconscious mind does the work for you, with  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT, © rTMShpnotherapy, exercise and changes in emotional responses to foods, it is easy to achieve the fat loss and muscle gain you wish.


Save £5000, and avoid the pain of surgery, and fear of hurting yourself because you still binge-eat!  Use © rTMShpnotherapy which combines modern technology and the assistance of your subconscious - you can change the neuro-chemical responses in your brain making you desire healthy food, and no longer have horrendous cravings.  Instead you will be interested in exercise.  Six sessions means you can easily help you to achieve your goals.

Amy, 38, Success at Triathlon, March 2012.

"I had been unable to get into my training programme because of heavy work and family pressures.  I never found time for myself.  I did   6 Hypnofix sessions and found myself loving the extra energy of going swimming first thing in the morning.  Almost like magic, the hypnosis worked for me, and my body gently came into the shape it had been in my early twenties.  I finished my first triathlon in March 2012 and feel really great about myself."

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