How Myers Briggs correlates with EEG

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I want this to be a really great place to come and find out about yourselves.  I have just put this up and hope to keep on putting up some interesting stuff over the next few months.  Happy Karma Fixing!


Fears can stop people from achieving their potentials.  The fight-flight-fear response is a neural pathway in the brain and is stimulated through the emotional responses and memory processes of the limbic system.  rTMS impacts these systems and creates new neural pathways which change engrained patterns.  With © rTMShpnotherapy  you can have a programme personalized to find inner peace and calm.  

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The parts of the mind that control appetite are stimulated in the simulated rTMS hypnosis.  This is the most advanced technique for treating emotional and behavioural problems.  Your therapist, Carolyn uses rTMShypnotherapy, which works on the hypothalamus, which is the area of the brain which changes your emotional responses to life and can help you make the changes you want to be healthier and do things which are good for the body.

rTMS has been able to help:

Cravings for food & Mood regulation, Parkinsons, Schizophrenia (City University, New York, 2007)

Cravings for other substances

Postpartum Depression (Wshington University Medical Centre, 2007)

Tinnitus & Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia (Enersen & King, 5 News, 2008)

Severe Depression (Penn State University, 2007: Medscape Medical News, 2007; Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2008)

Fatigue and Memory Loss (Columbia Medical Centre, New York, 2008)

In Germany and Belguim rTMS has cured tinnitus by stimulating the auditory cortex (Times onLine, 2008).

Autism symptoms (University of Louisville, 2008)

The rTMS machines are used to cure depression, anxiety, and many other probelms where the brain is not functioning at an optimal level.  This procedure is available as a hypnotherapy simulation which involves no pain, and is much more accurate than the machinery.  

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