Slimfix 6, 12 and 24 session programmes for enquiries about virtual gastric band hypnosis (save thousands of pounds and engage your subconscious mind to work for you).

6 sessions Slimfix £450 with workbook and telephone support.

12 sessions would optimise the changes you need and support for the detox programme with Hypnosis CDs and reviews of your progress. £90 with the appointment being booked a month in advance.  This allows you to commit to your change and enjoy the experience of being supported.

24 sessions helps you to work through your changes and blocks so that when you come into a problem you will be able to work through it.  You will be supported throughout the programme, so you can achieve your magical changes.  It combines the emotional, mental and physical changes that are needed to achieve lasting results from the inside out.  A workbook and text and hypnosis sessions which are recorded.  This deals with food addictions, the emotional conditions surrounding food, as well as issues from the past.  You can make this as flexible as you would like, so you may have as many sessions as you need to get started and then again intensify your treatment when you feel you are breaking your plans

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