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Counselling : uses CBT (cognitions, behaviour), psychodynamic therapy (things from your past) family therapy, transactional analysis (how you communicate) as well as Relate methods for relationship counselling and psychosexual therapy.

Hypnosis uses your subconscious mind, encourages you to energise your body, and engage your emotional brain to work with you, and not against you.

Block of 6 Sessions: The first session prepares you then the second to fourth sessions works through blocks to success.  By the time you are on your fifth session you will have worked through all of your blocks.  You will have deleted problem behaviours and emotional issues surrounding blocks to your success. You will have overcome thinking errors and depending on your choice, have an active exercise routine as well as feeling so much better about yourself.  The fifth and sixth sessions will allow you to have the best success of your life, and really tweek your subconscious to achieve and maintain those exceptional goals.

rTMS is  new technology involving magnetic resonance therapy with subconscious changes and psychological insights offer you a combined physical and psychological approach to changing your life.  Depression that does not respond to medication or counselling, anxiety problems and stubborn weight problems all respond to this programme of treatments.  

Recent research in New York and Chicago showed that rTMS can treat various brain conditions where an electromagnetic pulse changes faulty brain signals. It has also helped memory loss and fatigue, according to Healthbeat, a scientists at Columbia University in New York State, Sarah Lisanby, on a ministry of Defence research project says "It actually gave us a hint that stimulating a particular way might actually improve working memory performance and so that's the part that we find really exciting" and make brain cells function better.  

© rTMShypnotherapy is even safer without any side effects as there is no machinery, and hypnosis is even more accurate.  It simulates the rTMS machine, so you can play the recording or the session on a CD at home between sessions.  You save time, as you do not need to attend the clinic every day. 

Why waste time and emotions playing games with yourself?  

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