How it works

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Your first appointment: You can text Carolyn Clark, 07713247415 for a call back, or an email, so you can discuss your concerns.   You can then make an appointment which will include a full assessment and discussion where you can plan your programme, and whether you only need one or two sessions or if you would like to book a block of six for a discount.

Couple Counselling: You can book six sessions, to work through a few issues, like communications, child-rearing issues, intimacy, un-spoken issues, financial issues, and needs.  At the end of each session, you will be given some homework, which will be completed during the week before coming in for the next session.  Each session will build on the last, and depending on how the homework goes, and the feedback that you give, you will be able to make some lasting changes, and will have some tools for maintaining the gains.  

   A recording is made of the session and you will be given it as a CD to take home with you to practice at hom.

Six Sessions  Short term programme for creating the changes for most problems:  Includes: six two hour sessions where you will discuss your problem and then a personalized Hypnosis programme will be designed with a recording made of the hypnosis session and the rTMS so you can continue at home with your own personalized CD.   You will also have a workbook, and telephone support .

This works exceptionally well for slimming, fitness, enhanced mood, career confidence  and mental clarity.  

Monthly appointment of rTMS Integral Counselling will assist you on all areas of your life so you will experience change not only your body, but your thinking, you mood, relationships and other issues you wish to change.  

Each session you will be asked how things have gone over the past weeks, and then the next step is planned to incorporate the changes that are agreed and designed with Carolyn personally.  The sessions can be quite creative and imaginative to have the benefit of hypnotherapy to achieve your goals.  Each hypnosis session, which will last about 20 - 25 minutes, is recorded to CD(free) or MP3 onto a dongle (£10).  This is played at home every day, until your next session.  This way you are sure of success, and the rTMShypnotherapy will work as rTMS does by repetition, and changing the neurochemical structures and emotional-chemical responses in your brain.

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