Language & Transactions

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Sometimes we have trouble being heard, and sometimes we have trouble listening.  Our communications need to be clear and honest before they are healthy.  It is helpful to have an outside perspective to assess what is happening in the communications of each individual or in a couple or family group.  Transaction Analysis assesses what is the underlying modality that people are communicting with.  

There are three basic stances: Adult: the logical position which we use in the boardroom and business meetings, which Freud described as the Ego.  The Parent is another position where we find faults, and may create a power imbalance by being more dominant than another person either through knowledge or position, and in Freudian terms is known as the Superego.  Finally, the Id state of The Child is the free-thinker who does not like restrictions and wishes to have fun, but will not be happy being told off by the critical parent, and may throw a tantrum to get their own way.  We tend to fall into patterns of interaction, and find it difficult to understand why we are having such difficulties. 

Transactional Analysis will offer you some assessment of what has been happening in your relationships.  Helpful strategies are given as homework exercises which allows you to change your response habits.

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