Fix your relationships - Issues usually hit on:

Communication issues

Balance of power and getting your needs met: Are you in love with a giver or taker?

Having the right attitude: principles to live by in your relationship?

If things are coming to an end how you break up, & how will you handle it?

Principles of communication need to be practiced when you need to communicate.  And generally we need to communicate, so it is very helpful to get a handle on that, for both personal or professional growth and satisfaction.

Psychosexual issues can be symptomatic of things that are wrong with your intimate relationship.  Or they could be the problem.  A few sessions of counselling can really help clarify what is happening at the deepest part of your intimate life.

Healing the past becomes the focus when damage was done earlier in life.  Neglect (having an alcoholic or work addicted parent, for example) is best done privately so that you can be healed as you enter into relationships.  Sometimes the pain of the past keeps repeating in strangely familiar ways, (maybe with eating issues, or addictions) which is the case when the past has not been fully processed.  This is deep work and you would need to trust the therapist.  Carolyn has decades of experience working with victims of abuse, neglect and trauma.  

Sort your inner dialogue

You and your family

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